Introduction to the Range

Help keep young skin healthy and clear

Mum's and Dad's get all the good stuff don't they? Fancy body scrubs that smell funny, moisturisers with posh names, face washes for every skin type, and shaving foams for even the most sensitive of faces (or underarms!). But what about the kids, they deserve some amazing products too right? Of course they do, and that's why we have created Zesteen™, a range designed specifically for young skin. After all, we can't let the grown-ups have all the fun!

Unlike most store brands, Zesteen™ doesn't contain any nasties, such as Parabens, sulphates (SLS, SLES) or mineral oils which are harmful to young, sensitive and delicate skin. Instead, Zesteen™ contains only the most natural ingredients that young skin needs, without clogging pores or irritating the skin. Now, we know that traditionally "natural" products are expensive, but that's where Zesteen™ really stands out against all the others, because not only are they good for teenage skin, they're also excellent value for money, that won't leave your purse weeping sorrowfully.

Visit our on-line shop to find out what good value our individual products are and save even more money with our starter packs. For that special birthday gift or as a special treat, why not get your packs gift boxed.

Our range is suitable for both boys and girls and come in two sizes: try me sizes, so that you can test the waters without the fuss of wasting too much, and standard sizes. All the products are packaged in airless pump containers (except the face mask) so no bacteria can enter the product. Every last drop can be used as the bottom of the bottle gets pushed up along with the product to the top of the container and even if you leave the lid off or drop it nothing will escape!

Everything in the Zesteen™ range has been handmade with love and care in Hertfordshire, England and has most definitely not been tested on animals.